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Latest Articles

Understand the new Blazor project template in ASP.NET Core 8
Recently Microsoft released .NET 8 that also included a good amount of enhancements to ASP.NET Core. As a part of the improvements Blazor got a new project template -- Blazor Web App. The new project template supports the newly added features including render modes and authentication. In this article we will look at the new project template and template options in Visual Studio 2022.
Posted On : 21 Nov 2023
Use Endpoint Filters and Route Groups in Minimal APIs
ASP.NET Core Minimal APIs allow you to quickly create controller-less HTTP APIs with minimal dependencies. A minimal API typically has an endpoint URL and an endpoint handler. At times you want to intercept an endpoint handler so that you can add pre and post processing to the endpoint handler. That's where Endpoint Filters come into picture. When there are too many endpoints, it makes sense to group them using a common URL prefix. This is taken care by Route Groups. In this article we will examine both with a few examples.
Posted On : 16 Oct 2023
Test APIs using Endpoints Explorer and .http files
ASP.NET Core web developers often need to test the controller based APIs and minimal APIs they add in their projects. Typically developers use tools such as Postman or Swagger for this purpose. Visual Studio 2022 now has tools that can come handy for quickly testing your APIs. This article explains these tools with an example.
Posted On : 18 Sep 2023
Use protected browser storage in Blazor
In the previous article we learned to use sessionStorage and localStorage in Blazor apps. The localStorage object also has storage event that one can use to get notified when localStorage is modified in some way. In this article we will first discuss the storage event with an example. We will then learn to use what is known as Protected Browser Storage that is available exclusively to Blazor Server apps.
Posted On : 14 Aug 2023
Use sessionStorage and localStorage in Blazor
Traditionally developes used cookies to store small pieces of information on the client machine. Although you can use cookies in Blazor apps, there is a modern and more handy alternative -- sessionStorage and localStorage objects.
Posted On : 07 Aug 2023
Show cascading dropdown lists in Blazor
In the previous article we learned to cascading create dropdown lists in ASP.NET Core MVC. You might want the same functionality in Blazor Web Assembly apps also. That's what we are going to do in this article.
Posted On : 17 Jul 2023
Show cascading dropdown lists in ASP.NET Core
Many years ago I wrote a few articles on displaying cascading dropdown lists in ASP.NET. Since this is a very common requirement while building web UIs it's worthwhile to see how cascading dropdown lists can be displayed in ASP.NET Core MVC also.
Posted On : 19 Jun 2023
Group Dropdown list items in ASP.NET Core
Displaying a list of options in a dropdown list or a listbox is quite common in ASP.NET Core forms. You can use the Select Tag Helper to render a <select> element and its options. If you want to display a large number of options to choose from, it would be better to group those options to make it easier for the end user to make the selection. In this article we will learn two ways to group dropdown list items.
Posted On : 05 Jun 2023
Display Checkbox and Radio Button table column in ASP.NET Core
Displaying data in tabular or grid format is quite common in web applications. At times you want to display a column as a series of checkboxes or radio buttons such that a user can indicate a boolean selection. In this article we will discuss a possible approach to accomplish that task.
Posted On : 29 May 2023
Perform CRUD operations on JSON data using SQL Server and EF Core -- Part 2
In the previous part of this article we created the Projects table and EF Core classes. Now it's time to create a Web API that performs the CRUD operations on the Projects table.
Posted On : 15 May 2023