Web Services

Asynchronous Web Services in ASP.NET 2.0
By default when you call a web method from the client application it is a synchronous call. that means unless the web method returns the further code will not be executed. However, this approach may not be suitable in each and every scenario and you may need an asynchronous way to execute the web methods. This article is going to explain how to do just that.
Posted On : 13 Oct 2006
Calling A Web Services using Web Service Behavior
Web service exposes web method , for others to call remotely. Recently I came across a client requirement, where I needed to fetch small piece of data in a web form of from server, without page getting posted back.
Posted On : 02 Jan 2005
Using Forms Authentication with Web Services
Forms authentication works very well with web forms. Can you use it with web services? With some tricks - Yes. In fact in this article I am going to show how to do just that.
Posted On : 14 Dec 2002
Windows Authentication with Web Services
In this article I will show you how you can use windows credentials to authenicate the consumer of your web service.
Posted On : 07 Dec 2002
Web Service Authentication Via SOAP Headers
While working with web services one of the commonly faced question is - How do I secure my web service? his code sample shows how to use SOAP headers to pass authentication information to the web service.
Posted On : 22 Nov 2002
Handling Timeouts in Web Services
While developing web applications you should also consider factors like network downtime and server crashes. In this article we will how to deal with timeouts in web services that may cause because of such problems.
Posted On : 29 Jun 2002
Developing An Image Upload Web Service
My article published on DotNetJunkies.com examines how we can develop an image upload Web Service that stores and retrieves images from SQL Server database.
Posted On : 31 May 2002
Changing Target Web Service At Runtime
Some times it may happen that after deploying the web service client the web service is moved to some other location. It would be nice to allow configurable URL so that even if original web service is moved your clients need not be recompiled.
Posted On : 05 Apr 2002
Developing A Newsletter Subscription Web Service
Subscription based web services allow the users to subscribe or unsubscribe to the service as per their requirement. This sample application shows you how to develop a newsletter subscription service in ASP.NET using C#.
Posted On : 29 Mar 2002
Overloading Web Methods In A Web Service
In this article and demo we will see how to use method overloading in a web service.
Posted On : 15 Oct 2001