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Create master detail components in Blazor Server (Project Structure)
In the previous part of this series you were introduced to the UI and overall functioning of the master-detail Blazor Server app. You also created Team and TeamMembers tables and EF Core model. You have already created the Blazor Server project. Now it's time to kick start the component development. To build the master detail UI you could have but all the markup and the code in a single Razor component.
Posted On : 06 May 2022
Create master detail components in Blazor Server (UI and Tables)
Modern applications often prefer to use rich client side frameworks over traditional server side processing. ASP.NET Core provides Blazor (Server and WebAssembly) as a framework for building rich client side web apps. It would be interesting to see how the master detail user interface can be built using Blazor. To that end this multipart article series is going to show you in detail how Blazor Server can be put to use for developing master detail pages.
Posted On : 21 Apr 2022
Use MVC, Razor Pages, Blazor, API Controllers, and Minimal APIs in a single ASP.NET Core application
Usually developers create a new ASP.NET Core project based on a particular project template such as MVC or Blazor. But you are not restricted to a single development option. ASP.NET Core offers multiple development options and you can utilize them in a single project depending on your requirement.
Posted On : 06 Apr 2022
Create jQuery client that invokes the minimal APIs (CRUD Operations)
In the previous part of this series we started build a JavaScript client that invokes the minimal APIs. So far we have developed the Sign In and Sign Out operations. And now it's time to complete the remaining CRUD operations. Open Index.cshtml file and add the following jQuery code that fills the EmployeeID drop down list for the first time after successfully signing in to the system.
Posted On : 23 Mar 2022
Create jQuery client that invokes the minimal APIs (Sign In and Sign Out)
In the previous part of this multipart article series we migrated the minimal APIs to API controller in order to understand the efforts involved in the process. So far we have learned various aspects of creating minimal APIs. Now let's learn to create client applications that consume the minimal APIs.
Posted On : 10 Mar 2022
Twenty years of .NET
On 13 February 2022 .NET is completing its strong presence of 20 years. Microsoft and developer community is all set to celebrate this occasion in variety of ways. You can read more about their plans here. You can also take a look at what others are doing on Twitter here.
Posted On : 14 Feb 2022
Migrate minimal APIs to controller based APIs
In the previous part of this article series we discussed a few ways of organizing minimal APIs. There can be situations when you would want to migrate your minimal APIs to controller based APIs. In this article we will move our minimal APIs to controller based APIs and see how much work is involved.
Posted On : 19 Jan 2022
Six ways to organize minimal APIs in ASP.NET Core applications
In the previous part of this article series you learned to add minimal APIs to the Startup class. So far we have added minimal APIs to the Program.cs file. If you have only a handful of APIs this won't create any problem. But if you have a lots of minimal APIs to deal with, at some point you will want to organize them in a better way.
Posted On : 05 Jan 2022
Add minimal APIs to the Startup class
In the previous article of this series we discussed integrating ASP.NET Core Identity with JWT and minimal APIs. Minimal APIs are introduced as a part of ASP.NET Core 6.0. All the new project templates in Visual Studio 2022 use the new way of application startup. However, you might be migrating an older project to ASP.NET Core 6.0 and you may want to continue using the Startup class based application initialization. What if you want to create minimal APIs in such cases? Can they be defined in the Startup class? That's what we are going to discuss in this part of this multipart article series.
Posted On : 22 Dec 2021
Integrate ASP.NET Core Identity with JWT and minimal APIs
In the previous part of this multipart article series we implemented JWT authentication in CRUD minimal APIs. Recollect that we are using a hard-coded user name and password while issuing the token in the getToken handler function. Wouldn't it be nice if we integrate ASP.NET Core Identity into app so that membership features such as account creation and user validations are taken care of easily? That's the agenda for this part of the article.
Posted On : 15 Dec 2021

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