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Developing SQL Server Database Explorer


This code sample is an application that can be used to browse various databases, tables and fields of a SQL server. It is a windows forms application that uses ADO.NET to communicate with SQL server. The main screen is an explorer style form that allows you to navigate between various databases.

The application tells you...

  • How to use ADO.NET command object to fire a stored procedure
  • How to obtain a list of database and tables in SQL server
  • How to use DataAdapter to get schema information
  • How to use DataReader
  • How to change databases at run time
  • How to get information like name, nullable, unique, autoincrement etc. about table columns
  • How to use windows TreeView and ListView along with Splitter control

How the application works

  • Initially the connection string is set to master database
  • In the page load event the treeview is filled with available databases from the given SQL server
  • When user clicks on any of these databases, all the user tables and views ate added to the database node
  • When user selects any of the table, all of its fields and information like column name,nullable, unique, autoincrement etc. is displayed in the list view.

How to run the application

  • Create an empty windows forms application in C# using VS.NET
  • Unzip the files in the project folder
  • Add the files to your project
  • Recompile and run the project

Screen Shot

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Posted On : 22 March 2002

Tags : ADO.NET Data Access SQL Server