Video : How to organize your ASP.NET MVC solution in Visual Studio?

A lot of beginners ask this question - How should I organize my MVC projects? There is no fixed answer to this question because a lot of things depend on the size and complexity of the system being developed. However, beginners need a starting point from where they can take it forward. To that end, this video shows one possible organization of various parts of an MVC application. Remember that my aim is to present a simple and structured organization that can easily be extended or modified as per requirement.

To understand this whole organization that I am presenting here let's build a simple CRUD application that displays records from the Customers table of the Northwind database and allows you to Insert, Update and Delete customer records. Since our focus is the project organization, I am not going to show much of the code. I will show the skeleton of the code and briefly discuss what it does without going into any further details. I am not going to use Entity Framework in this example for the sake of simplicity but you can easily add it at a later stage. So, let's watch!

Bipin Joshi is an independent software consultant, trainer, author, and meditation teacher. He has been programming, meditating, and teaching for 25+ years. He conducts instructor-led online training courses in ASP.NET family of technologies for individuals and small groups. He is a published author and has authored or co-authored books for Apress and Wrox press. Having embraced the Yoga way of life he also teaches Ajapa Yoga to interested individuals. To know more about him click here.

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Posted On : 18 June 2014

Tags : ASP.NET ADO.NET MVC Architecture