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ASP.NET Validation Controls Samples For Beginners


Most of the times while submitting forms we need to validate the user input for certain criteria. In ASP there was no other way but to write our own server or client side validation routines. ASP.NET frees the programmer from performing common validation tasks through the use of special web controls called validation controls. These 10 code samples will show you how to use all of the available validation controls.

There are 6 types of validation controls available :

  • RequiredFieldValidator
  • CompareValidator
  • RangeValidator
  • RegularExpressionValidator
  • CustomValidator
  • ValidationSummary

Sample Listing

Following samples are included with the download:
  • RequiredFieldValidator on textboxes
  • RequiredFieldValidator on listboxes
  • Compare values of two textboxes
  • Compare value of textboxe with listbox item
  • Check number range and date range
  • Check format of URL and Email address
  • Custom validation at client side
  • Custom validation at server side
  • Using ValidationSummary control
  • Validating controls at server side

To run the samples you will need...

  • Windows 2000 with .NET Framework installed
  • IIS 5+
  • Visual Studio.NET

How to run/view the code?

  • Create ASP.NET Web application in VS.NET named ValidationControls
  • Download and un-zip the supplied files in the web application root
  • Include the files in the project by Add -> Existing Item menu command
  • Set the page you want to run as start page and run the application

Bipin Joshi is an independent software consultant and trainer by profession specializing in Microsoft web development technologies. Having embraced the Yoga way of life he is also a meditation teacher and spiritual guide to his students. He is a prolific author and writes regularly about software development and yoga on his websites. He is programming, meditating, writing, and teaching for over 27 years. To know more about his ASP.NET online courses go here. More details about his Kriya and Meditation online course are available here.

Posted On : 12 April 2002

Tags : ASP.NET Web Forms Server Controls JavaScript